4 Easy Steps to Make a Killer DIY Halloween Backdrop

4 Easy Steps to Make a Killer DIY Halloween Backdrop

Happy Halloween, BodyZone babes and boos! Here at BodyZone we’ve been thinking of our favorite trick (or treat) to create the perfect Halloween vibe. Our trick is creating Halloween backdrops for photoshoots and festivities! A Backdrop is a space that’s decorated and “staged” as a background. Backdrops can be used to create amazing content in front of AND can make the ultimate party decor. We thought it would be fun to show you all how we make our backdrops here in our studio!

A backdrop can be made as simple or as intricate as you’d like. You may find that you already own most of the necessary supplies required! 


 Sexy Bunny Costume Sexy Fairy Costume Sexy Devil Costume Sexy Angel Costume Sexy Cheshire Cat Costume

Photo by Allen True



Before you start gathering inspo or your necessary materials - have a plan in place for your backdrop. 

What type of space are you working with?

Are you pinning decorations to a wall or is this a curtain situation? Do you know how wide and tall the space you’re working with is? Will said space need tacs? Pins? Nails? Tape? Clips?

To show you how quick and easy a backdrop can be if you have a plan in place, here's backdrop we did using a staircase:

BodyZone Apparel Staircase BodyZone Apparel Fabric  BodyZone Apparel Fabric On Stairs BodyZone Apparel Fabric BodyZone Apparel Fabric on Stairwell


What’s your budget?

No need to break the bank to get the perfect backdrop. Don’t worry - we’ve got you! 

What is your vision?

Visualize your Halloween backdrop. Do you want it to be clean and simple? Or maybe you want layers and extra depth? What colors would work best? Is there a specific tone you’re trying to express with this backdrop? 

These are all questions you’ll want to consider before moving forward. 


BodyZone Apparel Pinterest Board Screenshot

We love a Pinterest Board! We get the majority of our backdrop inspiration from Pinterest. A good way to start is by looking at ALL halloween decoration ideas on Pinterest to see which styles stand out to you the most. 

Side note: It’s important to notice if you have patterns in pinning ideas for your backdrop Pinterest board. Sometimes it’s hard to settle on one solid concept based on all the cool ideas you would like to play off of. If there are commonalities in all the ideas you're picking, then go off of that and make your own unique combo.


For example, we kept pinning ideas that involved a white background with balloon garland arching across the space. So we realized that no matter what specific details we chose later, this was a concept we wanted to work with.   


BodyZone Apparel Fabric In Store BodyZone Apparel Halloween Backdrop Supplies

You’ll need a sheet of fabric or fabric-like material that’ll cover the frame of your space. Your backdrop vision can be successful using a bedsheet, blanket, curtain, tapestry, tarp, you name it! Then you can stop there or keep building upon it.

We gathered our sheets of fabric from the BodyZone warehouse. We ordered balloon garland supplies from Amazon. Then we ran over to the Dollar Store and got streamers, spider webs, and other smaller-detail decorations. 

To be honest, the two stores we always rely on for ALL our backdrops are Amazon and the Dollar store. 

Tip: For Amazon purchases, you’ll need to add extra time to allow things to ship but you’ll have access to almost any item you’d want to add to your backdrop. 




BodyZone Apparel Fabric BodyZone Apparel Fabric With Halloween Decorations


Don’t be afraid to play around with the items you have gathered. You can always adjust your fabric size, swap out decorations and add more later.  Once you start seeing what your items look like against the wall, you’ll really see your vision coming to life.

That’s it!

BodyZone Backdrop by Trueshot Photography

Photo by Allen True


Now that you’ve made your own killer backdrop - it’s time to go take some photos and dance around in your Halloween costume!  


If you want to see how all our backdrops look in action then stay tuned for our very first episode of BodyZone Broadcast! We’ll be showing you the inside scoop on our BodyZone Halloween photoshoot party!!


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