6 Ways to Rock the Viral Rays Collection This Summer

6 Ways to Rock the Viral Rays Collection This Summer

Are you ready for this hot girl summer? We might’ve had a  bummer summer last year. But not this year! We are going to unite under the sun and have fun, baby! Sure, it’ll need to be done responsibly. BUT who’s to say you can’t be safe and responsible in style? We’ve got everything you need to look hotter than the climbing temperatures. 


Model on left wearing Tiny Dancer Bikini in Lilac/blue. Model on right wearing Double-Cross Bikini in iridescent coral/neon yellow.

Model to the left wearing: Tiny Dancer Bikini in lilac/blue with the tie skirt in lilac. Model to the right wearing: Double-Cross Bikini in iridescent coral/neon yellow.


First, let’s talk about swimsuit styles.

Let’s say, you want a flirty little number. We have quite a few!

Or, if you want unique, layered coverage - we’ve got you too!

The BodyZone Babes have made three different catagories for our styling process this summer. In each category, you’ll find two Viral Rays swimsuits and what they pair best with! 

But, before we go on, we should address our special accessory we’ve been needing to take with us everywhere. You guessed it! A Mask!!!!! 

Model wearing Viral Rays Elektra Face Mask

Model wearing: Viral Rays Elektra Face Mask


Our genius designers actually made a mask that goes with every single outfit and accessory from this collection! Can you believe it? And it’s the type of mask that actually fits your face and still looks cute. (Because nothing is worse than a mask engulfing your whole face.) These masks feel as sleek and soft as satin. But they’re dubble-layered for extra protection. Best of all, they’re adjustable at the ears! Plus, you’ll still look like a mermaid because of the unique star- shaped design that totally has starfish vibes.

Okay, you’ve got your mask accessory down. Now let’s get back into swimsuits, babe!

Smoking' Hot Statement Pieces: 


Tiny Dancer Bikini 

Model wearing: Tiny Dancer Bikini in Lime Snake/Black

Pair this with:

The tie skirt in black



Garter One-Piece 

Model wearing: Garter One-Piece swimsuit in millennium blue/lilac

Pair this with: 

The Not So Basic Cover-Up shorts in lilac

    Simply the hottest:


    Triangle Bikini Basic Rave Top & Scrunch Rave Bottoms 

    Model wearing: Adjustable Triangle Bikini Basic Rave Top in white & Exposed Cutout Strappy Scrunch Butt Rave Bottoms in white

      Pair this with:

      The 90’s Babe Ring Set 



      Leeloo one-piece 

      Model wearing Leeloo One-Piece in millennium blue/lilac

      Pairs this with:

      The Scrunch Dress


        Dynamic Designs:


         Geo bikini 

        Model wearing: Geo Bikini in iridescent coral/ neon yellow

        Pair this with:

        The BB Scrunchie in iridescent coral/ neon yellow

        Double-Cross Bikini Set 

          Model wearing: Double-Cross Bikini in Lime Snake/Black

          The Not So Basic Cover-Up shorts in black

          The Reversible Bucket Hat in either black or lime snake

          But wait! There’s more! Check out the rest of our amazing Viral Rays Collection HERE! 

          Okay, now you’re all set for all your summertime adventures! 

          Speaking of fun adventures....

          If you follow us on our socials then you know about our special event coming up! You can shop with us this weekend during our Festival Farmers Market! Come hang out with us April, 10th at BodyZone Apparel! There’s going to be live music from an all FEMALE lineup! You can even win cool prizes from our vendors through our canned food drive raffle too!

          More info on our Festival Farmers Market can be found HERE on our Insta and HERE on our FB event page.

          See you there!

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