5 Steps to Make Black Friday Successful NOT Stressful 

5 Steps to Make Black Friday Successful NOT Stressful 

We’ve got you covered this holiday season! As we all said in our last article, we are so GRATEFUL for you. We want you to have the most successful and least stressful Black Friday and Cyber Monday. So we’ve put together five easy steps to help guide you through your whole shopping process! Oh, and we definitely have some juicy deals just for you! We couldn’t help but drop below as well! Enjoy!

Step 1: Look to BodyZone Apparel for all your shopping needs!

But for real, you could avoid so much stress on Black Friday by letting us take care of you here at BodyZone! We're having MAJOR deals! Plus, you can skip the crowds and chaos all while shopping from the comfort of your own home. 


 BZ Black Friday Deals:

Are you ready for our best sales ever?! Black Friday offers only last until 11/29.


Buy 2 get 1 free on ALL face masks and mask bundles!

BodyZone Apparel Sexy Mask Bundle SaleBodyZone Apparel Holiday Chain Mask Bundle Sale

30% off all sets from every collection

BZ Cyber Monday Deals:




Mystic West collection is 25% off

BodyZone Apparel Fashion Mystic West Collection Release


Viral Rays collection is 25% off

BodyZone Apparel Fashion Viral Rays Swimwear Collection Release

Need your shopping done sooner? Here’s our deals before Black Friday if you want to be ahead of the game!

Our popular goddess sets are now BOGO 50% off if you use the code: GODDESS at checkout. The sale ends in just a few days so you won’t want to miss that one!

BodyZone Apparel Sexy Fashion Goddess Sets


Next week, you can use the code: THANKFUL15 at checkout for 15% off your whole order! 

Okay, you could totally stop here and save yourself from even more stress. BUT, we’ve gone ahead and listed four more steps to help with all your shopping needs because we love you!

Step 2: Make a plan ahead of time

  • Do you prefer to go in stores or shop online? 
  • Know which places you’ll anticipate shopping at and what deals are being offered so you don’t get too overwhelmed. 
  • Already know which items you’re getting and where in the store to find them? Even better! 
  • Don’t know where to start? A  lot of the time, stores announce their deals via Instagram or Facebook or in an email.

Pro Tip: Consider supporting small businesses first! Small businesses are important for the benefit of our overall economy and society in so many ways! According to this Shoppify article here, small businesses amplify other small businesses and the local community immensely! 

Step 3: Budget how much you are able to spend on Black Friday ahead of time

We all know how spending money can be stressful if it’s done without proper planning and budgeting. Even with all the deals, you may be spending more than you think. Stick to your plan and set spending limits. You might want to save some of that money for all the Cyber Monday Deals too!!

Step 4: Pack your Black Friday survival kit

If you must go to stores in person -bring a bag with you that contains your “survival kit.” Meaning, pack a bag with the obvious stuff like your mask, maybe even an extra mask too, a water bottle, and sanitizer. But also pack snacks, any medications you need and a phone charger. Heck, even bring a stress ball to squeeze because those crowds may be rough and tough! The public realm of the world is a crazy place these days. Maintaining your own safety in heavily public places during a pandemic is crucial! So decide ahead of time how much energy you can afford to spend out and about and simplify your tasks as much as possible. Remember, Cyber Monday is also right around the corner so you may not need to go in person to all the stores you want to hit. 

BodyZone Apparel Black Friday Survival pack

Step 5: Remember there’s always room for improvisation

Okay, so I know you have a whole plan and a list. But REMEMBER - don’t be hard on yourself. Giving gifts to others and treating yourself should bring joy, not anxiety. Be patient with yourself and others during the holidays. Tensions are high and expectations are even higher right now. Take a deep breath. If the shopping gets overwhelming - then everyone on your list should get a BodyZone mask and scrunchie bundle! Bam! Easy as pie, pumpkin pie.

White chain mask & scrunchie, gold chain mask and scrunchie

Stay safe out there BodyZone fam!

Check our Instagram HERE for more details on our sales!

Want to know how we’ve been celebrating Thanksgiving? Stay tuned for our BodyZone Babes Broadcast episode on the Thanksgiving Feast we had - it’s  dropping Monday! You’ll even see a sneak peak at our HOLIDAY COLLECTION we’re releasing soon too!!

Happy feasting and happy shopping!



-The BodyZone Babes

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