BZ Celebrates Sex Workers: Part 1 of a Limited Series

BZ Celebrates Sex Workers: Part 1 of a Limited Series

BodyZone Apparel originated in 1999 with the mission of creating dance wear, club wear, lingerie and so much more. That being said, sex workers and people in the sex professional industry are some of our biggest supporters. So now we want to take some time to send support back. Through this article series we are shinning light on some of the incredible people who help make the BodyZone Apparel company flourish. We’ve always made our clothes in hopes of empowering people to feel sexy. But our mission doesn’t stop there. It is now time to give voice to some of our BodyZone Babes who work in the sex industry. We want to take this time to appreciate them, learn more about what they do, and hold space for them to speak from their point of view.

model wearing Enchanted Cowgirl Shiny Wrap around Rave Top with collar and fringe, Enchanted Cowgirl Shiny Lace Up Rave Bottoms with fringe
Shimmer Sonora wearing: Enchanted Cowgirl Shiny Wrap around Rave Top with collar and fringe Enchanted Cowgirl Shiny Lace Up Rave Bottoms with fringe 


BodyZone Babe: Shimmer Sonora, 28



Do you identify as a sex professional? If you prefer another term, what would it be and why?

I consider myself a “sex worker”, and I’ve used this term from cosplay to stripping to OnlyFans. 

What does an average day of work consist of for you?

Right now, I’m only doing OnlyFans. 

For me, that means logging in, responding to daily chats, posting new content, and either planning shoots for new content or networking with other creators. It sounds simple but it actually takes a lot of time to plan & curate exactly what clients want. especially if you have multiple clients & one feed. I mix things up with photos, videos, gifs, personal messages, and literotica/erotic stories. 

It’s also a large part of advertising, which is tricky because most platforms don’t allow adult content so we have to get creative. I can’t just post nudes & expect money. Like any business, I have to put in serious work to see results. 

What is your favorite part of what you do?

Taking beautiful photos. It’s a confidence boost! It also gives me the chance to be artistic and creative! Learning to do my own photography has been a real treat! 

Model wearing Enchanted Cowgirl Shiny Wrap around Rave Top with collar and fringe and Enchanted Cowgirl Shiny Lace Up Rave Bottoms with fringe

Is there anything about your profession that you wish society would view differently?

I don’t think people understand the real need that SWers fill. Many guys refuse to go to therapy but will get emotional support from an OnlyFans model or stripper. I believe we genuinely make people’s lives better... but the stereotype is that we’re “scamming” men. I advertise exactly what I sell and would never scam a customer. Ideally, my clients lives are better because of their relationship with me. 

Is there anything you wish people would celebrate more about your profession?

What a great job we’re doing entertaining everyone during the pandemic. It’s a lot easier to stay at home and stay safe with a virtual gf! 

Is there anything you would like people to know about your profession? Or any misconceptions you wish to clear up?

There’s a lot of misconceptions around sex work. I wish more people would ask sex workers directly how they felt about their jobs. If you’re talking about exploitation in sex work but you’re not talking to survival sex workers, full-service sex workers, Black and Indigenous sex workers, trans sex workers, and/or disabled sex workers... then you’re missing a majority of the discussion. 

Also, women who don’t do sex work like to say how easy it would be to do OnlyFans, strip, be a sugarbaby or whatever. The reality is that none of these jobs are easy, and you shouldn’t jump into any without a lot of research and support. My biggest advice for anyone looking to get into sex work is to find a supportive community of experienced sex workers in the industry you’re joining. You’ll want the help. 

What are ways that people, in general, can support you in your work? 

Elevate the voices of sex workers! Not just the rich, white OnlyFans models but also the call girls & full-nude strippers & dungeon dominatrixes. There’s sex workers in every country and every city. Listening and boosting their voices and lived experiences is so important. There’s a lot of national & international advocacy groups that are pushing for legal protections, discriminalization, and unions for sex workers. Find one and get involved! 

You can find me personally on Instagram @ShimmerSonora or on


model wearing: Enchanted Cowgirl Shiny Wrap around Rave Top with collar and fringe and Enchanted Cowgirl Shiny Lace Up Rave Bottoms with fringe

Are there any ways we can help support any type of sex workers without being a client? Any resources you’d suggest?

Many sex workers are disabled or unable to work other jobs, but sex work doesn’t come with benefits, health insurance, or disability insurance. Supporting a local mutual aid fund for sex workers is a great place to start. A lot of dancers/strippers especially have had their income drastically reduced during COVID, and now again with the national cold front that hit Texas and many other states. 

Here’s one but there’s many more:


Other helpful resources: 

A source to learn more general information about Sex Workers HERE 

More info on how to be an ally HERE

Online sex worker mutual care collective HERE

Click HERE to help end violence against Sex Workers

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