Celebrating Sex Workers: Part II

Celebrating Sex Workers: Part II

One of the biggest things we stand for here at BodyZone Apparel is empowerment. We want to help empower everyone who wears our brand. But this extends far beyond feeling sexy in your outfit. We want to help you feel empowered in your daily life as well. Nothing makes us happier than seeing you in our designs as you work, dance, play, swim, and so much more. Since the beginning of BodyZone, we’ve created dance wear, club wear and lingerie. We’ve been in the fashion industry for over 20 years. We've seen so much change over the last two decades. But some things stay the same. It’s no secret that our company has always catered to people who work in the sex industry. We never could have imagined that in 2021, sex work would take the world by storm like never before. We find this so exciting! Now, we want to take some time to shine light on BodyZone Babes who are in the sex worker industry. 

This is part two of our limited series on sex workers. 

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Model wearing: Mesh Fishnet Triangle Bikini Rave Top in pink
Vampirepigges wearing: Mesh Fishnet Triangle Bikini Rave Top ,  Mesh Fishnet T-Back Thin Strap Rave Thong

BodyZone Babe: Vampirepigges, 21

Do you identify as a sex professional? If you prefer another term, what would it be and why?

 I wouldn’t say professional as I feel I have a lot more to learn. So I usually just go by sex worker and that’s okay with me. 

What does an average day of work consist of for you?

A work day really varies between each sw (sex worker). For me, it consists of making content and then promoting anywhere I possibly can. It’s really flexible and you make your own schedule but you constantly need to be promoting to gain subscribers. 

What is your favorite part of what you do?

My favorite part, besides earning money, is that I’m more comfortable and confident than I ever was before. It gives me a sense of joy when subscribers tell me my content is great because we all put work and thought into our content.

model wearing: Mesh Fishnet Triangle Bikini Rave Top

Is there anything about your profession that you wish society would view differently?

Definitely, there’s this stigma around sex work that we’re disrespecting ourselves and that we should be ashamed. But if anything, I feel like we as sw have the most respect (for ourselves) to be doing what we’re doing. I wish that people could be more open-minded to that.

Is there anything you wish people would celebrate more about your profession?

I wish people could see that we’re hard working people as well. We put in the time and work to be doing what we’re doing. I wish others could give us a little credit for that.

Is there anything you would like people to know about your profession? Or any misconceptions you wish to clear up?

A big misconception is that it’s so easy and that you’ll make money, not even trying. While some do get lucky like that, most of us have to put in a little more work. People also think just because we sell what we do- that you can treat us badly.

What are ways that people, in general, can support you in your work? 

Giving "shout-outs" to each other helps immensely. I’ve also gotten people to send potential subscribers my way, so basically they’re recommending me to others!

Model wearing: Mesh Fishnet Triangle Bikini Rave Top and Mesh Fishnet T-Back Thin Strap Rave Thong

Are there any ways we can help support any type of sex workers without being a client? Any resources you’d suggest?

There are many ways to support sex workers! I like to use twitter mainly for exposure and a simple retweet goes a long way. Another simple way to support us is by showing that you do respect us for what we do. A lot of people go out of their way to send us hateful messages, but it’s nice to know that there are people who are respectful and nice. It gives us some more motivation and pride to keep going! 


You can find me personally on Instagram @Vampirepiggies or on OnlyFans.com/Vampirepiggies


Helpful resources: 

A source to learn more general information about Sex Workers HERE 

More info on how to be an ally HERE

Online sex worker mutual care collective HERE

Click HERE to help end violence against Sex Workers

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