Celebrating Sex Workers: Part III

Celebrating Sex Workers: Part III

Big things are happening at BodyZone Apparel, you guys! We are so happy to share with you all the wonderful things we’ve been up to! So read all the way to the end for juicy updates. ;)

We are continuing on with our impactful series on celebrating sex workers and the sex industry. As we’ve expressed before, our brand wouldn’t be the same without the love and support of people who work in the sex industry. So now we are just doing our part to reflect that love and support back. We hope you find just as much inspiration from it as we do. 


One BodyZone Babe in particular we would like to highlight, is someone you may recognize from our website and our daily social media content. BodyZone Babe Amirra is a former sex worker who has graciously agreed to share her insight with all of us. As we press on giving a platform to people who have experience in this field, we hope this gives a sense of empowerment to all who read this. 

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Model wearing: Stirrup Stunner Sparkle and Mesh Rave Set with fringe in Black
Amirra wearing: Stirrup Stunner Sparkle and Mesh Rave Set with Fringe 

BodyZone Babe: Amirra, 22

Do you identify as a sex professional? If you prefer another term, what would it be and why?

I wouldn’t say a professional, necessarily. But I do feel that I have mastered the art (because let’s be honest, it’s an art) of being sexy. I am also very good about picking outfits that flatter my body and knowing my angles.

Please state your specific profession(s). What does an average day of work in the sex industry consist of for you?

I usually take a BUNCH of photos to spread out over a period of time. I find outfits and actually plan concepts about what I’m going to do. It takes a lot of work and patience.

What is your favorite part of what you do?

The confidence! Sure the nice words and compliments help, but there’s so much reassurance that I find in myself. I find so much happiness in the fact that I provide for myself and look damn good doing it!

Model wearing: Stirrup Stunner Sparkle and Mesh Rave Set with fringe in black

Is there anything about your profession that you wish society would view differently? Or any misconceptions you wish to clear up?

I just wish people understood that s*x workers ARE people who just want to make a living as well. Regardless of how people feel about the profession, I feel that they should still treat s*x workers with some respect and politeness.

Is there anything you wish people would celebrate more about your profession?

I wish people would celebrate the hard work and execution that comes with s*x work. It’s definitely not easy.

What are ways, in general, that people can support you in your work?

Be kind and subscribe!

Model wearing: Stirrup Stunner Sparkle and Mesh Rave Set with fringe

Are there any ways we can help support sxx workers without being a client? Any resources you’d suggest?

Always share any links or pages when you can!


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Helpful sex worker resources: 

A source to learn more general information about Sex Workers HERE 

More info on how to be an ally HERE

Online sex worker mutual care collective HERE

Click HERE to help end violence against Sex Workers



Want to get featured on this article series? Message us on any platform! We'd love to hear from you! Our community means the world to us. We love you!

Speaking of our community...

Have you seen what we've been up to lately? We hosted our second Festival Fashion Show on April 10th! It was so much fun. We had nearly 20 local vendors to shop from. It seriously had all the good vibes. Beautiful weather, tasty local food, live music and even a fashion show too! It was too cool. If you came out and parties with us then you know how hype it was! We even did a canned food drive for St. Mary's Food Bank! Thanks to everyone's kind hearts, we collected over 250 cans of food and raised over $200 in cash donations! WOW! It felt so nice to groove and shop, knowing we were also helping Arizona families put food on their tables this month. It was truly heartwarming for us to see our community come together like that.


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