How BZ Beats the Summer Heat at Festivals

How BZ Beats the Summer Heat at Festivals

It feels so good to experience live music again! If you live in the Phoenix-local area then you’ve most likely attended an event at Rawhide Western Town & Event Center. Being surrounded by others on the dancefloor is something we’ve all been missing! We all longed for the booming bass, flashing lights, and overpriced drinks. So now’s the time to experience it all again!

That is, of course, unless the weather doesn't allow a 100% chance of fun.

Rain or shine, the BodyZone Babes have been attending live-music events at Rawhide since June. So far, you’ve probably seen us at shows like Excision, AREZZONA and Deadbeats. 



The Excision show back in June was incredible. But it was hot, hot, HOT both days.

BodyZone Babe Ambassador Festival Team at Rawhide for Live EDM Music event Excision

 The model on far left is wearing an outfit from Viral Rays Collection. The middle and right side models are wearing outfits from the Rodeo Sweetheart Collection.



AREZZONA (the originally scheduled event) was delayed and then later canceled due to extremely stormy weather. We’re talking flash-flooding, lightning, and high winds. It was wild.BodyZone Apparel Babes at EDM Music Festival event AREZZONA

 The model on left is wearing Wrap Around Me Sexy Leg Wraps and the rest of the outfit can be found on our Wholesale Site. The model on the right is wearing Garter of My Heart Leg Gartersand the bikini top and bottoms can be found on our Wholesale Site.



Deadbeats started out with stormy weather. Once we waited it out, the weather was nice though. 

BodyZone Babes Brand Ambassadors at Deadbeats Arizona></p><><p>Model on right wearing the<strong><a href=

The model on the right is wearing a Skinny Triangle Rave TopRing My Bell Flair Sleeves, and these Mesh Chaps.



Needless to say, we’ve already experienced several different weather patterns and festival season isn’t anywhere near over!

Fortunately, the BodyZone Babes have compiled a complete packing list to keep you safely and happily dancing, whatever the weather.

First and foremost, no matter how you pack for a show, there are two things you can’t forget before you go. Please don't forget to HYDRATE and FUEL UP! The best way to keep dancing all night long is by making sure you’re drinking water and eating enough nourishing food throughout the day.  


Onto the BZ Babes List!


The Ultimate "MUST-HAVE" Items to Bring to Any Event:

  • A Refillable water bottle or two! 
  • this BZ Scrunchie or this other amazing BZ Scrunchie
  • This cute BZ hat


 Items that help keep you cool when it’s hot out:

  • Lots and lots of water!! DUH!
  • Cooling towels like these
  • Our versatile mesh bandana (get it wet and place it on your body.)
  • Our breezy and wonderful mesh tank tops found here and here.

Items to add if it's sunny:

  • Sunscreen (obviously) 
  • An umbrella or parasol 

Items for when it’s stormy:

  • A Rain poncho
  • Our bandanas found here and here that'll protect from wind!

As the saying goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” To us, this means that preparing for different kinds of weather makes everything so much easier in the long-run.

Pro-tip: It always helps to check the weather near the venue on the day of the event. 

We hope these tips and the packing lists help you stay groovin’ on the dance floor. 

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We can’t wait to have you part of the BodyZone Team!


Be sure to come say hi to us out at Rawhide. You’ll find us handing out special BodyZone goodies!


BodyZone Babes Brand Ambassadors  


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