BodyZone Apparel Rodeo Sweetheart Valentine's Day Fashion Collection Girls


We are so thrilled to share with you our new Valentine’s Day collection! The BodyZone Babes designed the perfect looks for this year’s celebration of love. The new line features flirty fits that are made for comfort and fun! 

Okay, y'all! These outfits are made for ridin' so put on your cowboy boots and hats and let's giddy on up in our new collection:

Rodeo Sweetheart!

This collection offers a lovely variety of styles for all different types of country cuties, cowboys and cowgirls!


Here are some sweet styles from the collection our hearts are melting over now.


Rodeo Sweetheart High Waisted Mesh Assless Chaps

BodyZone Apparel Pink Rodeo Sweetheart High waisted Mesh Assless Chaps

Why we love it: This powerful and pretty pair of bottoms will show everyone there's a new sherif in town for sure! These mesh bottoms are double stitched for extra structure and comfortability. Also, they have a raw edge at the ends so that you can customize the length. 




Rodeo Sweetheart Tie Scrunch Mini Dress

BodyZone Apparel Rodeo Sweetheart Sexy RaveFashion Pink Valentine's Day Dress

Why we love it:  This dress is a complete outfit all on its own! It has adjustable ties. And hello, do you see how it hugs at the hips?! Yes please!




Rodeo Sweetheart High Waisted Mesh Bell Bottoms

BodyZone Apparel Sexy Stripper Fashion Mesh Pink Rave Bell Bottoms

Why we love it: These bell bottoms give the perfect hourglass shape with a stretchy high-rise seamless waistband. Plus, the mesh fabric makes them breathable and soft. Who says comfortable clothes can't be sexy AF?! We made it happen. 




Rodeo Sweetheart Lace Up Tube Top & Circle Side Tie Mini Skirt

BodyZone Apparel Pink Lace Up Tube Top and Pink Circle Side Mini Skirt

Why we love it: This can be tied as tight or as loose as you desire. The skirt can also be worn several different ways. You can show off a little more leg and hip if you tie it to the side. Or you can tie the skirt in the front or back, with or without closing the gap with the ties. This set can also mix and match with other items in your closet! Pair the tube top with a cute pair of pants and a black leather jacket. Then you'll have a perfect "night out" look! 




Rodeo Sweetheart Triangle Bikini Rave Top with Chain

BodyZone Apparel Pink Rodeo Sweetheart Triangle Bikini Rave Top with Chain

Why we love it: The chains make this top a total statement piece! (However, the chains are removable in case you need to wash the top or something.) This rave top makes for a good swim top in the summer too. 


 Want to see more? Find more of the collection HERE!



 On to Galentine's Day Ideas!!! 

Do you celebrate Galetine’s Day? We do! We love to show our gal-pals love!

Famously put by the character Leslie Knope from the show Parks and Recreation:

Valentine's Day Galetine's Day Leslie Knope Parks And Recreation Meme

Credit: Here

Some of the best ways to celebrate Galentine’s Day:

  • Schedule a brunch date with all your besties!

Sidenote: Not everyone you know is comfortable with dining out these days. If that’s the case, then creating a fun and intimate brunch day in works great too! (It’s usually cheaper that way.) 

  • Create gift bags for your girls!

Fun items like scrunchies, face masks, sunglasses, candles, and flowers make for great gift baskets. Bonus points if you add your gal’s favorite snacks or candies to the mix. 

Check out our BZ scrunchies and facemasks HERE!

  • Send your best babes sweet cards in the mail!

Obviously you got girls near and far! Show your friends that distance doesn’t stand in the way of your love. It might just make their day! Homemade cards go a long way, even if they take extra effort. 

Add a little flair: Dried and laminated flowers, valentine stickers, a printed photo that you both love, etc. 

  • Send a packaged delivery of either alcohol and/or flowers straight to their doorstep!

Apps like Drizzly will deliver alcohol to whatever address you type in. They just use nearby liquor stores. You order and they drop it off! 

ProFlowers is a great site to deliver flowers. But it doesn’t hurt to check what else is available in your or your friend’s area! 

Last but not least, 

  • Shoot a heartfelt text and schedule an attentive phone call with your gal-pals!

It doesn’t have to cost any money to show your girl gang how much you love them. You know what to do on this one. Just speak from the heart!

 Two models in Rodeo Sweetheart Strappy Micro Mini Skirt with Thong in both colors & Rodeo Sweetheart Triangle Bikini Rave Top with Chain in both colors



Stay safe during the celebrations of love!

We love you!

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