Models wearing Sexy Rave Mesh Pride Collection

Our New PRIDE Collection Lookbook!

Let's show some PRIDE! At BodyZone, PRIDE means: Promoting Respect, Inclusion, and Dignity for Everyone! This powerful collection is near and dear to our hearts. Every item is as vibrant and unifying as the people who wear them. So let's celebrate our true colors by expressing ourselves through fashion!

Did you know that with each purchase made from this collection, 10% of the proceeds will go to  one•n•ten

*Click here for more details on the Organization*

 One•n•ten is an incredible 501 (c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization dedicated to assisting lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) youth. Their services provide youth with tools to improve self-esteem and self-acceptance.




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Model wearing Cover My Body Mesh Cover-up cami & booty shorts


Sporty Spice’s hot girl summer fit. Beach vacay but make it rave vibes with the Skinny Triangle Bikini Rave Top and Low-Rise V-back Thong Rave Bottoms. We could stop there but we want you to meet our Cover My Body Mesh Cover-up Cami & Booty Shorts. Bring out the In Ur Loving Arms Mesh Gloves and baby, you’re ready to party from sunup to sundown. 








Model wearing Divine Liberation Rave Top and Cover My Body Mesh Cover-Up Booty Shorts


It doesn’t need to be Wednesday to wear pink, especially when it’s a look as cute as this!! Our sweet set is going to the disco with it’s Cover My Body Mesh Cover-up Booty Shorts and Divine Liberation Mesh Rave Top. (Which can be worn several different ways.) We added the Ring My Bell Mesh Flair Sleeves for extra grooviness. To complete the fit, we added the versatile Mesh Our Hearts Rave Bandana and Wrap Around Me Sexy Leg Wraps.









Model wearing: Divine Liberation Top  with Wrap Around Me Sexy Leg Wraps Tie Skirt in Neon Green


Fly high to magical places in the complete:  Divine Liberation Mesh Rave Top and Divine Liberation Mesh Rave Tie Skirt. It's paired with Low-Rise Scrunch Rave Bottoms and the Ring My Bell Mesh Flair Sleevesoffering extra flair. Pro tip: The Wrap Around Me Sexy Leg Wrap can also turn into a choker/cage bra situation. Did we mention the Mesh Our Hearts Rave Bandana?









Model wearing Skinny Triangle Bikini Rave Top, In Ur Loving Arms Mesh Sleeve Gloves, and Love Me In My Mesh Bell Bottoms


Feeling devilishly sexy? With great power comes….great responsibility for being a badass! Mega moves only with these Love Me In My Mesh Bell Bottoms, our Skinny Triangle Rave Top and Low-Rise V-back Thong Rave Bottoms. Can’t forget the In Ur Loving Arms Mesh Gloves.










Model wearing Stronger Together Mesh Tank, In Ur Loving Arms Mesh Gloves, Mesh Our Hearts Bandana


You’ll be breaking hearts once you put on the Stronger Together Mesh Tank. We love a tank with full length on the torso. It’s a lifehack to be wearing a shirt without actually wearing a shirt! Bless the mesh!! The In Ur Loving Arms Mesh Gloves bring the right amount of spice. We even sprinkled in some mystery with, yes, the Mesh Our Hearts Rave Bandana.










Model wearing High Waisted Mesh Assless Chap Pants, SomeBOOTY To Love, In Ur Loving Arms Mesh Gloves


You’re royalty, baby! Feel easy-breezy in our fully adjustable and mesh Divine Liberation Mesh Rave Top. This fit is all about cute and comfort with the silky SomeBooty To Love Rave Bottoms and our popular full-length High Waisted Mesh Assless Pant Chaps! Our trademark chaps feature a stretchy high-rise seamless waistband and soft, sexy mesh pant legs. This set is accessorized with the In Ur Loving Arms Mesh Gloves!









Model wearing: Stronger Together Mesh Crop Tank, High-Cut Thong Rave Bottoms, In Ur Loving Arms Sleeves, Mesh Chaps. All in Orange


In your dreams! Just kidding, this can totally be yours with the Stronger Together Mesh Crop Tank. Same tank we love but it’s cut to show off what your mama gave you! We just can’t get enough of the In Ur Loving Arms Mesh Gloves and the Mesh Our Hearts Rave Bandana! What truly makes this outfit stand out is our best-selling assless Mesh Chaps. A little different from the full-length pant form, these babies feature an adjustable lace-up waist cinch and eye-catching grommets. Sheesh!









Model wearing: Sexy  High-Cut Thong Rave Bottom, Sweetheart Bandeau Strapless Rave Top, Garter Of My Heart Leg Garters, Wrap Around Me Sexy Leg Garter, High-Waisted Assless Chap Pants


Cowgirl? More like roughrider! Your booty will show everyone who’s boss in the Low-Rise Scrunch Rave Bottoms and our sexy High Waisted Mesh Assless Pant Chaps. The Wrap Around Me Sexy Leg Wrap on the chest goes perfectly with the Sweetheart Bandeau Strapless Rave Top. Of course, we have to talk about the little details too like the Garter Of My Heart leg garters and the Mesh Our Hearts Rave Bandana.


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