Three Must Have Holiday Gifts & Festive Fun in Our Community!

Three Must Have Holiday Gifts & Festive Fun in Our Community!

Happy holidays, BodyZone Baddies! We are in the full swing of the 2020 winter holiday season! Some of these holidays are coming to pass us by already while others are just a few days away! Whichever way you celebrate, how are you doing on your holiday shopping? Does everyone on your list, naughty or nice, have a gift from you? Well, we’ve got the perfect last minute gift ideas coming at you fresher than cookies for Santa, straight from the oven! The BodyZone Babes have come together to bring you our top three favorite selections, right from our store! 

Hottest Outfit:

Bull-Riding Booty Shiny Long Sleeve Mesh Rave Bodysuit with Fringe

Bull-Riding Booty Shiny Long Sleeve Mesh Rave Bodysuit with Fringe in Silver

Buy this to match:

Bandit Bandanda Face Mask in Silver Bandit Bandana Face Mask

Here's why: This look is hot, hot, HOT and perfect for New Year's Eve! You'll have your special someone looking like the baddest Ice Queen there ever was! It has long sleeves that'll keep you warm in the colder weather. Also, can we please just admire all that fringe? Wow! 


Sexiest item:

Low Rise T-Back Thong Rave Bottom

BodyZone Basic Low Rise T-Back Thong Rave Bottom in White

Buy this to match:

Skinny Triangle Bikini Rave Top with Binding Straps Skinny Triangle Bikini Rave Top with Binding Straps 

Here's why: Simplicity is key. This is an amazing gift for your special boo, no matter what they're in to! This amazing BodyZone Basic comes in 13 colors and is great for mixing and matching with our other beautiful basics too!


Our “Must Have” Gift:

Sequin Face Mask

Sexy Holiday Sequin Face Mask in Red

Buy this to match:

BB Scrunchie in black and green snakeskin BB Scrunchie

Here's why: Our best selling mask will shine brighter than a Christmas tree! It comes in five other incredible colors so it can be gifted to all your friends and family! Everyone needs a mask these days, so why not make it festive? Holiday spirit never looked this good! 

Other than giving gifts to the ones you love, what screams “spreading holiday cheer” more than uplifting those around you in your local community?! Check out our last blog article on our very first Festival Farmers Market!

Here’s what it was all about:

Not only did we unite as small businesses in the local Phoenix area, but we also hosted a canned food drive to further support those in our community. 

Here at BodyZone, we are SO proud to announce that together we collected over 100 cans of food and non-perishable items and $100 in cash donations to Saint Mary’s Food Bank!!! Because of these efforts, 700 meals will be provided to families in our community who are in need. 

So much love in our hearts for everyone who showed up, supported and participated in our first Festival Farmers Market! For those of you who missed it this time, stay tuned for more! We had a blast hosting this one and we can’t wait for more of these in the future. 

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