Phoenix Lights

The mothership has arrived! Shop all of your PHX Lights essentials with BodyZone Apparel! We have curated this collection inspired by intergalactic alien babes and space cowgirls alike!

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        WhiteBlackNudeRedNeon pinkNeon yellowNeon greenNeon orangeTurquoiseLilac

        Circle Mesh Rave Tie Skirt

        $12.00 $11.50
        RedNeon orangeNeon yellowCoralBaby pinkGoldBlackNeon green

        Caged Seduction Tiny Bikini Rave Top

        $24.50 $22.00

        Sparkly Matrix Chaps


        Printed Lycra Chaps

        BlackWhiteRedNeon greenTurquoiseNeon yellowNeon orangeCheckerCheetahZebraDaisyAlien headsRainbow unicornTie dye daisyGlitterHoroscopeSpace ship

        Choker Top

        Shattered snowflakeBlack ice

        Crystal Blizzard Bralette

        CoralFuchsiaRedPurpleBlackWhiteTurquoiseNeon greenBaby pinkNeon yellow

        Cheeky Romper with Cutouts