Elektra Mask


The Elektra mask is a new and unique, star shaped mask. Designed to provide comfort and style for the everyday use. Just like the rest of our masks, the Elektra mask is made with two layers of lining and one layer of fabric for protection. The new earloops are more comfortable and better fitting than ever before, with longer straps and beads at the ends for adjustability.ย 

Purple SequinPurple Sequin
Champagne SequinChampagne Sequin
Silver SequinSilver Sequin
Red SequinRed Sequin
Gold FoilGold Foil
Black SequinBlack Sequin
Silver FoilSilver Foil
Pink FoilPink Foil
Purple FoilPurple Foil
Gold SequinGold Sequin
Royal Blue FoilRoyal Blue Foil
Turquoise SequinTurquoise Sequin
Rainbow Leopard B'DazzledRainbow Leopard B'Dazzled
Red B'dazzledRed B'dazzled
White B'dazzledWhite B'dazzled
Painted Flag Solid LycraPainted Flag Solid Lycra
Red White and Weed B'dazzledRed White and Weed B'dazzled
Star Spangled B'dazzledStar Spangled B'dazzled
Firework B'dazzledFirework B'dazzled
Patriotic B'dazzledPatriotic B'dazzled
Black FoilBlack Foil
Additional Information

Purple sequin, Champagne sequin, Silver sequin, Red sequin, Gold foil, Black sequin, Silver foil, Pink foil, Purple foil, Gold sequin, Royal blue foil, Turquoise sequin, Rainbow leopard b'dazzled, Red b'dazzled, White b'dazzled, Painted flag solid lycra, Red white and weed b'dazzled, Star spangled b'dazzled, Firework b'dazzled, Patriotic b'dazzled, Black foil


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